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Dennis J. Gerschickís education and work experience is truly unique and so is his legal practice. Mr. Gerschick is an Attorney, CPA, Chartered Financial Analyst, and Personal Financial Specialist. He also has work experience in each of his fields of certification. Since 1999, he has managed a venture capital fund. With his diverse background, Mr. Gerschick can evaluate situations from different perspectives. Many lawyers focus only on the legal implications. In contrast, Mr. Gerschick not only considers the legal issues, but he can also consider the financial, tax, business, and practical considerations as well.

Mr. Gerschick only accepts certain types of legal work. His law practice focuses on the legal areas in which his background can be used most effectively. With experience as a CPA, Personal Financial Specialist, Chartered Financial Analyst and venture capitalist, he has an advantage and can use his knowledge effectively to add the most value to his clients. He provides outstanding quality work, extraordinary service, and invaluable intangible benefits.

Mr. Gerschick is recognized as an expert in several areas such as Investing, business, and tax. He speaks throughout the country at seminars and conferences regarding these specialized topics. See The Institute of Continuing Judicial Education in Georgia has asked him to speak many times. There, he educates Georgia judges about financial statements, forensic accounting, and valuing closely-held companies. Over the years, he has also chaired and spoken at more than twenty-five seminars for the Institute of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) in Georgia about a variety of topics.

Although his primary residence is in the Atlanta, Georgia area, he has a satellite office in Beulah, Michigan and is licensed to practice law in both states. He consults and advises individuals and other professionals in many other states too including California, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington.

Gerschick Law

Gerschick Law

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